INTRODUCING! The CRUISER Foldable Electric Power Scooters!

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The Cruiser Power Scooters from Heartway, Taiwan is an innovative portable, foldable, electric scooter that is taking the world by storm! It represents an evolution in the world of personal transport. The Cruiser Scooters are just the solution for many who are unable to walk for short or long distances. They can just ride away to wherever they want at their own pace in a Mall, a resort, a club, Trade Venues, Large Family homes, Large Govt building and Institutions , Hospitals or just go around their neighborhood park on an evening leisure ride!

Cruiser Scooter Trading, (CST), Dubai, We markets the Cruiser S19, Cruiser S19+ and Cruiser S20 from Heartway, Taiwan. Both being well established and companies with a solid reputation, you are assured of a high quality, precision engineered product, that is designed to help you in being more mobile and have an improved lifestyle.