Cruiser Range of Power Mobility Scooters From Heartway

slide-14 he Cruiser Power Mobility Scooter Range from Heartway Medical , Taiwan are an innovative product and being launched by CST as we wish to help a growing segment of society who are not physically challenged, who can move around, but not long distances and would not wish to depend on anyone pushing or controlling their movement as when they are using a traditional wheel chair. The Cruiser S 19, S19+, S20 and P19 are portable, light, safe, stable , easy to maneuver and affordable. They are suitable for use in the UAE which has the best of the facilities with access to all facilities designed for such mobility devices.

The Cruiser Range of Electric scooters are manufactured by Heartway Medical Products CO Ltd, Taiwan. Heartway Medical Products was established in 1995 and is a leading international manufacturer of Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs. Their wealth of experience, active research and development and focus on quality has evolved into production of one of the strongest and best designed range of Scooters and Power Chairs made to the highest international standards.

In their determination to achieve customer satisfaction and reliably assure the product quality, Heartway Medical Products has introduced the most high-tech, high-precision, and fully automated manufacturing facilities. The overriding aim of Heartway’s research and development team is to provide quality products which meet their customers’ mobility needs

Heartway is a trusted, established International brand, offering superior safety features, quality components and ease of servicing.

Awards & Certification

  • The Cruiser S19 power mobility scooter is the winner of the 2014 Taiwan excellence award.
  • Their attention to quality and innovation have won them Germany’s RW-TUV certification, ISO 9002, RW-TUV, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, TUV NORD quality recognition and FDA Certified qualification.
  • The Cruiser S 19, 19+,20 and P 19 are an innovative portable, foldable, electric scooter that is taking the world by storm! They represent an evolution in the world of personal transport. These Power mobility Scooters are just the solution for many who are unable to walk for short or long distances. They can just ride away to wherever they want at their own pace in a Mall, a resort, a club, Trade Venues, Large Family homes, Large Govt building and Institutions , Hospitals or just go around their neighborhood park on an evening leisure ride!



  • Cruiser Scooter Trading, (CST), Dubai, markets the Cruiser Range of Electric Mobility Scooters from Heartway, Taiwan. Both being well established and companies with a solid reputation, you are assured of a high quality, precision engineered product, that is designed to help you in being more mobile and have an improved lifestyle.