• For the Aged, those with Chronic, Cardiac or Obesity conditions, The pregnant & anyone who is unable to walk long distances unaided, with or without a pre-condition…………INTRODUCING THE CRUISER S19 POWER MOBILITY ELECTRIC FOLDABLE SCOOTER!
  • Staff/visitors/students will be able to move around the campus in total comfort at their own pace without dependence on anyone. With a Cruiser S19 they can simply move around where they wish, when they wish and at their own pace.
  • Moving between different blocks in the building will not need to be a painful or worrying experience anymore. Distances won’t matter anymore!
  • The Cruiser S19 needs no special training to operate. In a few minutes of basic explanation on how to operate the user will be familiar and away. It can do upto 2okms in a single charge !
  • Read the full features from cruiser s19 page and watch the video too.
  • Pre-book the Cruiser S19 at the launch price now! Special offers also on orders for 10 or more scooters!
  • Email or call us now for a formal quote or further details.